Visscher + Caravelle

Almost all vehicles on the road have mats. Cars changed over the years and off course our mats have changed as well. In Visscher-Caravelle’s seventy-year existence many things have changed. We started as a small company producing door mats and we’ve turned into a global Tier-1 automotive supplier.


Coconut car mats

In the early fifties, Johannes Visscher started a company called Visscher-Matten in Genemuiden. The core-business was buying and selling ‘kokos’ door mats. When asked if a coconut car mats set could be made, the answer was “yes”. The future was determined.


Visscher + Caravelle

The Van Dalfsen Family, already known within the confection industry, acquires Visscher-Matten. A few years later, the English company, Contour-Caravelle is also added to the company. The company name is changed to Visscher-Caravelle.



As the production process of Visscher-Caravelle is very labor intensive there was a need to make things more efficient. The first steps to start a production location in Poland begin.



In a changing market where quality standards are becoming more important, Visscher-Caravelle obtains ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certification.


OEM Market

The majority of Visscher-Caravelle products are being supplied to the after-market (wholesale, dealer network, retail chain). Later on this is changing into the OES-market (Original Equipment Supplier). In 2008 a strategic decision is taken to focus on deliveries to the OEM-market (Original Equipment Manufacturer). This means supply directly to the production lines of the car manufacturers worldwide.


Global Presence

Global presence becomes more and more important. For this reason, Visscher-Caravelle opens its third production location in Mexico. Here, textile and TPE mats can be produced especially for the NAFTA region. Also a joint venture in China is started called VC-Yimeng, and a production plant in Malaysia is opened.



A new chapter for Visscher-Caravelle! Under the name Vanprotech wooden and plastic interior protection for vans will be produced and delivered.